The Wiseguyz Show is a neighborhood show bringing back the old talks of hanging outside on the corners with past and current stories. The Wiseguyz are even bringing back some famous people from the neighborhoods to talk about their experiences and sharing it with future generations.

Making its historical debut in 2014 on DDVRADIO, the  Wiseguyz Show features Freddy the Fireman, Jumpin Gennero, and Pete the Chicken Man, who all take you on a weekly roller coaster ride of emotions and leave you laughing your ass off. They leave no stone unturned as they put a comedic spin on everything serious. Joining the Wiseguyz are characters like Billy Gagootz, Anthony the Photographer, and many more. Listen to in depth interviews with celebrities, comedians, authors, animators, reality TV stars, politicians, sports figures, and more! 

The Wiseguyz can now be heard on DDVRADIO, TuneIn, Village Connection Radio, American Forces Network, City World Radio, DreamStream Radio and more networks on the way! You can also live stream the show on our facebook group page “The Wiseguyz Show.”

Mon, 9-11pm Village Conn. Radio
Wed, 8-10pm Live on DDVradio
Thur, 11-1am CityWorldRadio
Fri, 6-8pm DreamStream Radio http://dreamstreamradio.com/
Fri, 6-8pm Dream Stream Radio on TuneIn. http://tun.in/se9IE 

Sat, 8-10pm DDVradio on TuneIn